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Synthetic jet generation by high-frequency cavitation 2017
M Mohammadzadeh, SR Gonzalez-Avila, K Liu, QJ Wang, CD Ohl
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Flow fields and vortex dynamics of bubbles collapsing near a solid boundary 2017
F Reuter, SR Gonzalez-Avila, R Mettin, CD Ohl
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Oscillate boiling from microheaters 2017
F Li, SR Gonzalez-Avila, CD Nguyen, D M and Ohl
Physical Review Fluids
Bjerknes Forces in Motion: Long‐Range Translational Motion and Chiral Directionality Switching in Bubble‐Propelled Micromotors via an Ultrasonic Pathway 2017
JGS Moo, CC Mayorga‐Martinez, H Wang, WZ Teo, BH Tan, TD Luong, ...
 Advanced Functional Materials
Bubble formation with a high repetition rate pulsed Tm laser 2016
M Mohammadzadeh, W Chan, SR Gonzalez-Avila, K Liu, QJ Wang, ...
Proceedings of The 20th Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference ISBN, 978-1
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SRG Avila, CD Ohl
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Stereoscopic recording of droplet fragmentation 2016
SRG Avila, P Kerssens, J Rapet, CD Ohl
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Cavitation sensor 2016
CD Ohl, SR Gonzalez-Avila
US Patent 9,389,160
Robust acoustic wave manipulation of bubbly liquids 2016
NA Gumerov, IS Akhatov, CD Ohl, SP Sametov, MV Khazimullin, ...
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Photoacoustic shock wave emission and cavitation from structured optical fiber tips 2016
M Mohammadzadeh, SR Gonzalez-Avila, YC Wan, X Wang, H Zheng, ...
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SR Gonzalez-Avila, F Prabowo, A Kumar, CD Ohl
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Evaluation of the Power Output of a Wind Turbine With a Brimmed Diffuser Shroud in Fluctuating Flows 2007
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Capillary pressure of a liquid in a layer of close-packed uniform spheres  
LA Slobozhanin, JID Alexander, SH Collicott, SR Gonzalez  
Physics of Fluids 18 (8), 082104  

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