Dominik Mnich

PhD Student

M.Sc. Dominik Mnich

Physik Weicher Materie
Universitätsplatz 2, 39106, Magdeburg, G20-215
Projekt: Dynamics and surface cleaning effect of cavitation bubbles in a flow

Cavitation bubbles can be found in nature as well as in industrial processes (they're often causing problems like erosion). The high-speed jets and wall shear stress occurring when the bubble collapses can also be used to clean surfaces. Especially a cavitation bubble in a flow of water is interesting and shows different bubble shapes and behaviours than in a standing liquid. To find and observe the (dimensionless) parameters for the flow dynamics which depend on the geometry and the flow properties is an important goal. This will improve our understanding of the dynamics of single cavitation bubbles and helps to develop new applications like precision cleaning.
In the frames a bubble collapsing near a rigid wall and jetting towards it is shown. It was recorded from behind the glass surface.




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